Here’s the Plan – FinnMiles 2010

My dear friends,

2009 is nigh well passed. As we look toward 2010 we can reminisce on a fantastic year of music and art. If the spirit of shows past came and walked us through EP releases, DogtownFest, movies made, and video games soundtracked we’d have little to flinch at, and much to revel in.

As we approach 2010 we look forward to a time of silence, a time of rest. The first XX months (3-5) of 2010 Finn Miles will be digging deep, writing new songs, recording new music, and investigating the grand ideas that make our minds tick.

Don’t worry, we may pop up for an odd acoustic show here and there, and we’ll keep posting progress…but for a full rock sound may I suggest purchase of the Finn Miles Telltale Heart EP? Share it with a friend. Throw a dinner party. Have a conversation. Drink hot chocolate. Live the good life.

We’ll see you soon…


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